Sunday, December 13, 2009


In the article "CU green dorm may get shower timers" by The Associated Press in The Denver Post, says that long showers for students at The University of Colorado may become a thing in the past. The University is considering using timers in one of the current dorms which is already being occupied by students who are studying environmental science. The students living Baker Hall are going to test timers and other devices which maybe installed later in the other dorms.

This matters to the world because we are trying to cut down on energy use and one of the ways is to cut down on water usage.This matters to education because the students that will be testing it out will be effected by it greatly and help them understand more about conservation and the environment. They will be experiencing it first hand. This matters to me because I love my showers, I like them long and hot! It's nothing that I don't already know but this article reminds me again how important it can be to conserve water.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I just read the article, "Deep freeze continues in Denver and along the Front Range", by Kieran Nicholson of The Denver Post. In the article states that the freezing cold temperatures in the Denver area are going to continue throughout the day today and into tomorrow. Today will top out at 10*, but feel like -10*. We are also expecting more snow. It will measure anywhere from 3-8ish inches when all is said and done. Our overnight low will be around -2* and feel like -12*. Things should warm up into the 30's and 40's by the weekend.

This does not matter to the world, but it does matter to me and the entire nation. Before the storm hit us, it hit Southern California hard with rain and wind. I was in Phoenix over the weekend for a soccer tournament and it was windy and cold. Monday brought rain along with the wind and cold, and it made for a miserable day to play soccer. We left Phoenix Monday around 6:00pm; our plane ride was very rough until we got out of Arizona. After we left the winds picked up and took out power lines to several hospitals. I am glad we got out when we did. As this storm leaves us, it is heading into the Midwest. They are expecting a lot more snow than we will get and again terribly cold temperatures to go along with it. I can only imagine what this storm will look like when it hits the east coast!

This type of situation also matters to education. It reminds us that no matter where we live, we must be educated in what kind of weather is around us and how to best handle it. When the temperatures go as low as they are and have been, it is dangerous for everyone, including all animals and homeless people. I don't know how wild animals and homeless people survive in weather like this. Unfortunately, I am sure some of them will not make it through. Here is a link to a story on the Denver Channel about how dangerous it is to be out in the cold weather. Even 30* (and sunny) sounds warm right now!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today I read an article from the BBC entitled, "Google to limit free news access". This article states that the news sources that Google links to are going to make its readers pay if they try to access more than five pages of news each day. News groups are saying that Google is letting people have free access to all their news for free by linking to their websites and going around the subscription guidelines. If you try to get news from more than five pages of the same news source they are going to make you register, or subscribe to their service. There is an analysis from Tim Weber, the Business Editor of the BBC News website. He basically says, come on and be reasonable. If Google didn't have a link directly to your media, the people accessing it might never access it another way. Google is easy to use and unless you are a "premium" news source like the Wall Street Journal, get over yourself.

This is important to the world because it could drastically change how and where people choose to get their news. It is important to education because students constantly get their news, research etc. from Google, as I am right now on Google Reader. How will schools deal with this new era of pay as you go? Will schools be exempt? News sources could be giving up a great deal of money if they do, and if schools are free, then who else? I see this as being a big mess. This is important to me because when I do research, even look for an article for these PLN's, I can't tell you how many pages I go through to find something that I need or interests me. I know that the news people are hurting right now, but don't they already have people who subscribe to their websites. I can see this pushing people away from news in general and only going to where it is "free".


Today I read, "Third Annual Christmas Party in Nata Village" on the natavillage blog. It is about how the children of the village got their own "Christmas party". Because of their school calendar it was held on November 21st instead of our traditional December 25th. The children had fun with some educational games and then got their special visit from Santa. Some kids had never seen Santa before and were afraid until they saw how older kids reacted to him. They all got gifts of clothing and some shoes before feasting on traditional food. This is a picture of Santa and his "sleigh".

This is important to the world because we need to see how others live and the customs that they have. Christmas is a world wide holiday and it is interesting to see how others celebrate. It is important to education because knowing how other people around the world live and the traditions they have make us better people. I think we need to do a better job of realizing how lucky we are in this country and educating ourselves about other cultures. This is important to me because I never would have thought that people in Africa celebrate Christmas like we do. I was totally shocked that their celebration is just like ours! Being from Colorado it is still a bit weird to see people having Christmas without the snow that we all assume comes with it. When I was 7 me and my family went to Phoenix for Christmas and it was very different (weather wise). I thought this was a cool blog post even though some of the kids looked afraid, I am sure they had a blast opening their presents, just like I do!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


In the article "Larimer County experiences spike in suicides" by The Associated Press in the Denver Post says that Fort Collins has set a record for the most suicides in a year. As of last week, Larimer County has experienced 53 suicides which translate into 20.4 per 100,000 residents. The national average for 100,000 residents is 11. They believe this is because of the economy.

Larimer County is north between Denver and Wyoming. There is a lot of farms but there is also a lot of livestock operations in the county. This matters to the world because the economy seems to be bad everywhere. It's not the only reason people commit suicide but seems to be the main reason when the economy is down. It matters to education greatly because people need to learn how to deal with themselves and others when things aren't going well. This matters to me because it makes me realize that there are people out there who are less fortunate than I am.

This reminds me of a story I read last week about the German National goalkeeper, Robert Enke who also committed suicide. He committed suicide because his two year old daughter, Lara died of a rare heart condition and he couldn't handle the loss. Obviously the economy had nothing to do with this.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


In the article "Action needed' on Internet bullying" by Jim Reed in the BBC News, he states that teenagers need to be more responsible with the use of the Internet and companies need to act quicker when inappropriate material is posted. Young people need to understand that the consequences of bullying over the Internet are no different then doing it in person. Of the approximately 3,000 student that were surveyed nearly two thirds of them said they were bullied at some point in time over their cell phone or computer. Tim, a thirteen year old who was interviewed, says that it is easier for people to bully on-line because they are not looking at the person face to face. Bethan, a friend a Tim's, believes that some people when they get in front of a computer turn into a totally different person. They say whatever they want and don't have to feel guilty about it.

This matters to the world because as long as this kind of technology is available for anyone to use, it is going to be misused. It matters to education because people need to be taught on how to use a computer appropriately. I feel that because of Mrs. Smith's English class, I have become more aware of problems or issues surrounding computer usage. Companies need to be more on top of this problem and take action if they can before it becomes a bigger problem.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


In the article "Passengers on plane that hit birds expected in Denver Today" by The Denver Post, it explains that a Frontier plane that was taking off from Kansas City hit a flock of birds and damaged a engine which resulted in them immediately returning to the airport. There were 120 passengers on the plane and there were no injuries involved in this incident.

Obviously this doesn't matter to education in the least. However this matters to the world and to me. This matters to anywhere in the world where there is an airport. Birds represent a very serious problem when it comes to airplanes. They fly or get sucked into the jet engines and endanger everyone on board. Airports spend hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly to make sure this doesn't happen. They hire people who specifically take care of flocks of birds near airport land. This matters to me because I have been and will continue to fly with my soccer teams. There is enough to worry about when you fly without worrying about hitting the damn birds.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In the article "Put forth our best writing selves" by Douglas Hesse, the point that he is getting at is even though we are writing more than ever and sharing our writings with more people than ever, it is not good enough because we need to sit down and write some more serious things every now and then.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I just read "Boulder girl to help orangutans in Borneo" by Magdalena Wegrzyn in the Longmont Times-Call. It's about a girl, Kristen Nordham, who has been donating money to the Orangutan Foundation International since she was in fourth grade. She has adopted an orangutan named Irvine and the only thing keeping her alive is Kristen money. The article states that is costs $75 to adopt an orangutan for a year. Kristen has been donating all of the money that she raises to this orangutan foundation. The entire orangutan population is decreasing greatly. Orangutans are decreasing because of more lowland rain forests are being cut down to make room for palm oil plantations or destroyed by illegal loggers and by forest fires Now there are only an estimated 7,300 orangutans left in the world!

This matters to the world because a lot of species in the world are becoming more and more endangered. Most of them are becoming endangered because of things we are doing, like destroying their habitats. This doesn't matter to education directly, but people need to be aware of things that are going on in the world, not just in their own backyard. This matters to me because as I get older I see more things going on in the world that should be important to people. I wish I had the money to adopt a monkey!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I read a blog, "Back-to-School Night: America's Annual Torture Convention" posted by Gary. In this posting Gary goes into how bad back to school nights have become. The teachers are terrible public speakers and nobody really cares about their gum or notebook policies. He goes on to make fun of different teachers and their personalities. While he sits in each class all he wants to know is how his kid can sit in such an uncomfortable seat for the next 180 days. He gives a few quotes from other parents that are hysterical.

This matters to education because nobody really cares about back to school night. Teachers think it is a complete waste of time now that everything about their class is posted on their own website. I know this is true because my dad is a teacher. Parents don't really care about back to school night either. However, they are afraid that if they don't go they will miss something important. They don't want to feel that they are not supporting their child. I know this is true because my mom told me so. How do you feel about back to school night Mrs. Smith?

Sunday, November 1, 2009


In the article "Two lost Boulder hikers rescued" in The Denver Post, two Boulder hikers wandered off the trail that they were following. They could not find their way back to the trail because snow was covering it and they had to call 9-1-1 to be rescued by the Boulder Fire Department.

Unfortunately, this is becoming too common here in Colorado. People are having to be rescued from hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, etc. Most of these people are either unprepared for where they are going or are in areas that are off limits. It costs a lot of money to get together a rescue party no matter how big or small it is. Many counties are considering making these people pay for all or some of the rescue fees.

This matters to the people who live in Colorado because they are the ones that end up paying for the rescues. Maybe if people know they have to pay, they will think twice before they act. This matters to me because me and my Dad go on runs in the foothills and sometimes we see the idiots or see traces of stuff off trail that show that some people are not being responsible. Me and my Dad are never irresponsible.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I just read the article "Morning commuters in Denver should brace for snow" by Kieran Nicholson in The Denver Post. The National Weather Service says that the snow storm is supposed to come in tonight and last until Thursday night. The Front Range from Fort Collins to Castle Rock could see up to 14 inches total with some mountain areas getting up to 2 feet. The snow is supposed to be wet and heavy which could make driving difficult.

This obviously doesn't matter to the world. It does matter to our state because we need the snow for the ski industry. People see/hear that Colorado is getting hit by a big snow storm and it makes them think about coming here to ski. This is a good thing for our mountain towns. This also matters to people along the Front Range. The difference is in the Metro area, it is dangerous and frustrating. Heavy wet snow means bad driving conditions and the possibility of many broken tree branches.

This matters to education BIG time. A big snow storm could mean that school has to close early and possibly for an entire day. This matters to me because I don't live close to Arapahoe and the driving conditions could make it difficult for me to get to school. This also matters to me because the varsity soccer team is suppose to play its first playoff game tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. Let's hope that they're wrong again!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today I read an entry from Mr. Fisch's blog, The Fischbowl, dated October 7, 2009 entitled, "Anne Smith One of 20 to watch". In his post, Mr. Fisch tells us that, one of our very own, Mrs. Smith is one of twenty teachers to watch, IN THE COUNTRY. She is being honored because she is finding different and unique ways for her student to use technology in her classroom.

This is important for the Littleton School District because they are being noticed for the kinds of teachers that they are hiring. This is important to Arapahoe High School because they have teachers like this on the staff. This is important for education because Ms. Smith is trying to get her students to be better learners through using technology. This is mostly important to me because Mrs. Smith is my English teacher.

In our 1st hour class, Smith is helping us become better writers and thinkers by using different tools of technology including: blogger, google earth, wordle, and google reader among others. I do think that her philosophy has helped me be better and less afraid of writing. WAY TO GO SMITH!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


For this PLN post I decided to go across the pond for some news in the world of football, that's soccer to us. Today featured many games in the Champions League play-offs all over Europe. There were some shocking scores so I thought I would see what the BBC had to say about one game in particular.

Today I read an article from the BBC Sport titled "Liverpool 1-2 Lyon" written by Phil McNulty, the Chief football writer at Anfield. Obviously this article is about the Champions League match up of Liverpool (England) vs. Lyon (France). This was a huge game for Liverpool because their manager is on the hot seat right now with 3 losses in a row. The article sums up the game well for both sides stating that both teams had played well and each had several chances to put the game away. The most interesting thing is that the Liverpool coach, Rafael Benitez, decided to make a controversial substitution after already having subbed his injured captain, Steven Gerrard. With 5 minutes remaining in regulation play Benitez subbed his only goal scorer, Yossi Benayoun with Andriy Voronin, a realtively unknown player. Lyon ends up scoring the go-ahead, game winning goal in the 90th minute. Losing this game puts Liverpool's ambitions of winning the Champions League in great jeopardy. Rafael Benitez was booed and showed much disrespect today on his home field by his own fans. Having now lost 4 matches in a row Benitez faces an up hill climb as his side now faces the BPL champions, Manchester United in league play this coming Sunday. Many analysts believe that Benitez will be fired if things don't turn around soon!

Obviously this match does not matter much to people in many countries, especially ours. However, to many others, mostly in Europe, this game will be talked about for weeks to come in the footballing world. It matters to me because I am a HUGE football fan and I watch as many matches from England and Europe as I can. Soccer in Europe is like a cult, and it is very addicting and much better than anything the US has right now. This also matters to me because my uncle's favorite team is Liverpool and I can't stand them. Now I have some good ammunition to give him a hard time about the next time I talk to him! COME ON YOU REDS!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The Blog posting from Google "Our Googley advice to students: Major in learning", says pretty much the same thing the article "Rigor Redefined" by Tony Wagner says but in a different way. Companies are looking for employees who can "think outside the box". These people need to be able to have analytical reasoning, good communication skills, a willingness to experiment with ideas, be a team player, and be passionate about something in their lives. Goggle's phrase is "people who can solve non-routine problems in non-routine ways".

The blog also states that learning does not stop when you grauduate from school. That most real learning is done "on the job". This is true in just about everything we do. It is called trial and error. I have a problem thinking and solving "problems" unless they involve athletics. Give me an issue on a sports field (almost any arena) and I am all over it, in the classroom is another story. I need a lot of time to think about it and have someone explain it to me in different ways before I really understand it. We are all wired differently and some of us "get" somethings while others of us "get" other things. I think that is a good thing.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


In the article "Rigor Redefined" by Tony Wagner in the Educational Leadership publication, Tony is bothered by the way teachers are teaching students today. When he talked to business leaders about what qualities they are looking for in new employees today they all answered with: the ability to think critically, have good communication and collaborate well with others. This is very different than what future employees are being taught in school. Teachers today are "teaching to the test". They care more about memorization and recall than actually teaching and making sure students understand what they are supposed to be learning.

Students are making learning more difficult than it should be also. Like Fisch and Dr. Wesch have pointed out before, technology is taking over, especially in education. This article says that technology is actually making learning more difficult. This is because students today do not communicate or spell well due to cell phones and texting, e-mails, facebook etc. Nobody sits down and actually talks to anyone face to face anymore.

I have a cell phone but my parents dont' let me use it for my "personal" use. I use it to communicate with them when I am away on a soccer trip or to get information from my teammates. They have been trying to tell me for years that it is not a toy and it can easily get out-of-control. I agree with this as I have gone overboard a few times without realizing it. My Dad sees this everyday because he is a high school teacher. Students actually bring cell phones into P.E. classes! Now that I am in high school I see that this is a real problem with students. It has been like an addiction of sorts.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


In the article "The pen may be mightier than the keyboard" by Joel Schwarz, he states that kids writing with a pen and paper are better than those writing with a keyboard. I personally do not agree with this study. I believe that it is a total personal preference. Writing when I was younger was bad because I would spend too much time trying to be neat instead of making sense of what I was writing. I would get confused and then end up erasing and re-erasing to edit what I had written. With typing, I can type out whatever I am thinking at the time and then go back as many times as I need to to edit. I also don't have to worry about trying to read my own writing and figure out what I was trying to say. I think it is important to be able to write with a pen, whatever it may be and not totally rely on the computer, but I prefer the computer because it is easier to do just about everything that goes along with the writing process.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


In the article "Footprints in the Digital Age" by Will Richardson, what matters is that right now students are teaching themselves all about personal networking and that teachers need to catch up and start being the teachers again. It is important what we do right now in social networking while we are growing up because it will be with us forever. Being Googled when we are older by whoever is interested in seeing what we as people are all about, we basically need to have a good digital footprint and look good. "How well do you Google?"

Educationally, teachers (and parents) need to step up, start experiencing networking themselves and start being the teacher instead of watching. Teachers (and parents) need to be the ones who help students learn how to network correctly, be responsible and learn something about someone or something else, or yourself while doing it.

My parents have a blog about my soccer involvement with the US National Team so that our whole family can keep up with my activities. Personally, I am not allowed to do any social networking. My parents feel that I need to be more responsible and learn about it before I am actually involved in any way.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The new video "2020 Vision" by Karl Fisch once again made me realize what matters about the future. I actually had to watch it more than once because it took me awhile to realize that he was making it all up to show us how the future "could" be.

The first video "Did You Know" by Karl Fisch shows us that technology has come so far since it all started. As the future generation of the world, if we don't keep up with the new technology we will be lost. We won't be able to function at home, at school or at work. This new "2020" video shows us just how easy it could be for technology to take over, especially in the field of education. His video shows us that Goggle, along with a few other technology based companies, will merge and merge again with major companies to form the biggest conglomerates ever. Fisch also says that this will actually make the world, not just our state or country, better and come to be closer than ever.

As I said in my first posting about Fisch's "Did you know" video, I believe that someday technology will run the world. However, I am not so sure if I am comfortable with this concept or not.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I read "Longmont man held after high-speed chase" by The Denver Post in The Denver Post. This article is about a 28 year old man who lives in Longmont that is facing charges after a high speed chase this morning at 2:30 am. Reports say that Christopher Rivera Jr. ran over road spikes and crashed his jeep before he was taken into custody. Police said that in 2001 Rivera was charged with vehicular assault and drunken driving. He has already served four years of supervised probation, and faced more than $6,000 in fines and court costs.

This matters to everyone because we don't need crazy people out there driving drunk and doing stupid things. Obviously this guy didn't learn from his "supervised probation". I think that people who make it a habit to drink and drive should be treated more severely. They just don't get it. We need a safer state, cities and neighborhoods.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I read "Bogus fire-safety inspector arrested in Broomfield" by Kieran Nicholson in The Denver Post. This article is about a middle aged man that was collecting money related to bogus fire safety inspections. Richard La Croix is the man that was making money by impersonating a fireman. The victim told the police that he was wearing clothing that made him look like he was a fireman.

This matters to everyone because from an early age, we are all taught that firemen are here to help and protect us. If we can't trust firemen, policemen, doctors, teachers, and people that are supposed to protect and look after the public no matter what, who are we supposed to trust?

Sunday, September 20, 2009


In the Youtube video, "A Vision of Students Today" by Dr. Wesch, he continues to show that technology is a big part of our everyday lives. However, compared to Fisch's video "Did You Know", where technology makes everything better and Wesch's first video "The Machines Are Using Us", where technology has become more convenient and accessible, this video shows us that technology is getting in the way. Wesch is now showing us that technology has become a distraction, has taken the human element out of teaching and has made getting an education incredibly expensive.

Students are spending more time reading e-mails and facebook than they are reading a textbook. When they do read a textbook they can read it on-line instead of buying the book. Wesch also shows that the need to have a teacher in the classroom is not necessary either. Everything can be put on-line. Teachers need to go back to being more creative and interactive with their students. The cost of technology used in education is making it harder for some kids to continue on into college.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I read "Dog alerts family to blaze that gutted Greeley home" by Kieran Nicholson in The Denver Post this afternoon. The article is about a dog that helps rescue a mom and her two children from a fire in their home this morning. If it weren't for the actions of the family dog they may have not all gotten out. This matters to me because I also have a dog. Not only do dogs provide us with companionship, compassion and just plain fun, they also protect us. Dogs are important to the world because we have fire dogs that help people get out of dangerous situations, police dogs/bomb dogs help with smelling out bombs and drugs, and dogs that help the blind/disabled. Dogs truly are man's best friend!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I read the article "Forum gathers info about possible Jeffco school cutbacks" by Annette Espinoza in The Denver Post. Jefferson County schools are holding public forums to discuss how to cut $40 million dollars of their budget over the next three years. With 154 schools in the district they are going to look at which ones are the most inefficient, enrollment numbers and academic scores. After their first meeting they will be meeting again later this year to continue the discussion.

This doesn't matter to me as a student because our school is a Littleton school and not a Jeffco school. Why this does matter to me is because my Dad is a teacher in Jefferson County. When they start talking about cutting this much money teachers are afraid that it could effect their salary. Their salaries could be frozen for several years or even cut. My Mom doesn't have a job right now and if my Dad's salary gets frozen or cut it would effect my family greatly. Hopefully my Dad's school and his paycheck don't get effected.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


In the article "The New Literacy" by Clive Thompson what matters is that technology is actually helping with our writing abilities. Because writing is part of our everyday lives people are writing now more than ever. It's not a structured essay form of writing but more of a free form that includes texting, twittering, blogging etc.

In the video "Did You Know" by Karl Fisch he helps us realize that technology makes anything that it is involved in better. This can be anything from brushing our teeth to sending people into space. Fisch agrees with Thompson that technology is making our lives exceptional in many ways.

In the Youtube video, "The Machines Are Using Us" by Dr. Wesch we see that writing is much easier than it used to be. Wesch is also in agreement with Thompson about how technology is our new writing utensil.

All three of these examples are dealing with technology and how it is changing our daily routines. They all cover different areas but have the same message.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


In the Youtube video, "The Machines Are Using Us" by Dr. Wesch I think what matters is how computers are changing our "writing". Everybody's thoughts are put on the computer and they are easily changed, corrected, published, and shared because of this technology of the computer. Writing does not exists anymore the way it used to. You may as well throw away the pencils and paper. With the computer you can move and edit text quickly. Form and content can be separated. The computer checks your spelling and your grammar. There are different kinds of text's, digital text and hyper text.

Your thoughts are still yours but once they are published or posted now they become everybody's. The computer has made it possible for us to forge links and bonds with people throughout the world. If you have an idea or thoughts they can instantly become part of a global forum with a push of a button.

I said it before computers and machines are going to take over the world. Get ready for Terminator 5. Where is Arnold Schwarzenegger when you need him.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I read the Nata Village blog that is posted by natavillage. Their blog is about how people come into their village to educate them on health issues. They are tested and educated at the same time for HIV/Aids. Many people in this village are dying because of HIV and Aids. They are told about the disease and how to prevent it. Many kids are orphans because their parents are dying.

They hold soccer tournaments with as many as seven teams participating. Tebelopele is the group that helped put on the tournament/education. More than one thousand people came out to watch. All these people are being tested and educated while they are there at the tournament. This is actually a fund raiser and a way to get lots of people to come to one place. They are also told about Tuberculosis and simple things like brushing their teeth.

Women in the Nata Village are also making jewelry out of magazines. This helps with their trash problem and also brings money to the village. They are currently clearing land to build a new Secondary school.

What matters about this is that many kids and adults are dying in this village from HIV/Aids. There are many other people around the world that are trying to help them understand what the diseases are and how to prevent them. People are also helping them find ways to make money, like the jewelry making. When people go to the village they also bring clothes and other items for the needy and the orphans.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


The article "Quiet gender gap hits collegiate balance" by the editor made me realize what matters in college. College has been around for a very long time and you would think that more guys go to college then girls right? well, you all are wrong because more girls are going to college than guys right now. In my opinion, boys are not doing well and going on to college for many different reasons.

This article says that "boys are greater than 50% more likely than girls to repeat grades in elementary school. More than one third are likely to drop out of high school and twice as likely to have a learning disability". I agree with this because school comes easier to girls. Most guys struggle with reading and writing. A lot of boys find school boring and they can't pay attention as well.

A lot of boys think that what they want to do when they are older doesn't involve going to college. Some examples are if they want to join the military, if they want to become a chef, and even if they want to be an airplane or auto mechanic. Most of these things require going to a trade school and not a 4 year college. I also believe the only reason boys are going to college is on an athletic scholarship or they just want to party. On the other hand girls really do go to college to get an education and try to better themselves.

What matters is how to get more boys to graduate from high school and go on to college and graduate from college too. I don't know how they will do that, but I am sure a girl will figure it out.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The video "Did You Know" by Karl Fisch made me realize what matters about the future. Technology is so new but has come so far since it all started. As the future generation of the world, if we don't keep up with the new technology we will be lost. We won't be able to function at home, at school or at work. Forget functioning at work, you won't be able to even get a job!

I use technology almost every minute of every day. I wake up with an alarm clock. I brush my teeth with a Sonicare toothbrush. My family's car gets me to school safely (my mom drives it). In school I use a lap top in class to do my work. My teacher uses a Smartboard to teach on (which is really cool). We use cell phones to keep in touch. There is almost no part of our lives that is not touched by some form of technology.

Technology helps us communicate better, makes medical procedures better, makes space exploration better, basically makes anything it touches better. As we keep making technology better, everything it is related to should get better as well.

I believe that someday technology will run the world.