Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I just read the article, "Deep freeze continues in Denver and along the Front Range", by Kieran Nicholson of The Denver Post. In the article states that the freezing cold temperatures in the Denver area are going to continue throughout the day today and into tomorrow. Today will top out at 10*, but feel like -10*. We are also expecting more snow. It will measure anywhere from 3-8ish inches when all is said and done. Our overnight low will be around -2* and feel like -12*. Things should warm up into the 30's and 40's by the weekend.

This does not matter to the world, but it does matter to me and the entire nation. Before the storm hit us, it hit Southern California hard with rain and wind. I was in Phoenix over the weekend for a soccer tournament and it was windy and cold. Monday brought rain along with the wind and cold, and it made for a miserable day to play soccer. We left Phoenix Monday around 6:00pm; our plane ride was very rough until we got out of Arizona. After we left the winds picked up and took out power lines to several hospitals. I am glad we got out when we did. As this storm leaves us, it is heading into the Midwest. They are expecting a lot more snow than we will get and again terribly cold temperatures to go along with it. I can only imagine what this storm will look like when it hits the east coast!

This type of situation also matters to education. It reminds us that no matter where we live, we must be educated in what kind of weather is around us and how to best handle it. When the temperatures go as low as they are and have been, it is dangerous for everyone, including all animals and homeless people. I don't know how wild animals and homeless people survive in weather like this. Unfortunately, I am sure some of them will not make it through. Here is a link to a story on the Denver Channel about how dangerous it is to be out in the cold weather. Even 30* (and sunny) sounds warm right now!

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