Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today I read, "Third Annual Christmas Party in Nata Village" on the natavillage blog. It is about how the children of the village got their own "Christmas party". Because of their school calendar it was held on November 21st instead of our traditional December 25th. The children had fun with some educational games and then got their special visit from Santa. Some kids had never seen Santa before and were afraid until they saw how older kids reacted to him. They all got gifts of clothing and some shoes before feasting on traditional food. This is a picture of Santa and his "sleigh".

This is important to the world because we need to see how others live and the customs that they have. Christmas is a world wide holiday and it is interesting to see how others celebrate. It is important to education because knowing how other people around the world live and the traditions they have make us better people. I think we need to do a better job of realizing how lucky we are in this country and educating ourselves about other cultures. This is important to me because I never would have thought that people in Africa celebrate Christmas like we do. I was totally shocked that their celebration is just like ours! Being from Colorado it is still a bit weird to see people having Christmas without the snow that we all assume comes with it. When I was 7 me and my family went to Phoenix for Christmas and it was very different (weather wise). I thought this was a cool blog post even though some of the kids looked afraid, I am sure they had a blast opening their presents, just like I do!!

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