Sunday, December 13, 2009


In the article "CU green dorm may get shower timers" by The Associated Press in The Denver Post, says that long showers for students at The University of Colorado may become a thing in the past. The University is considering using timers in one of the current dorms which is already being occupied by students who are studying environmental science. The students living Baker Hall are going to test timers and other devices which maybe installed later in the other dorms.

This matters to the world because we are trying to cut down on energy use and one of the ways is to cut down on water usage.This matters to education because the students that will be testing it out will be effected by it greatly and help them understand more about conservation and the environment. They will be experiencing it first hand. This matters to me because I love my showers, I like them long and hot! It's nothing that I don't already know but this article reminds me again how important it can be to conserve water.

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