Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The new video "2020 Vision" by Karl Fisch once again made me realize what matters about the future. I actually had to watch it more than once because it took me awhile to realize that he was making it all up to show us how the future "could" be.

The first video "Did You Know" by Karl Fisch shows us that technology has come so far since it all started. As the future generation of the world, if we don't keep up with the new technology we will be lost. We won't be able to function at home, at school or at work. This new "2020" video shows us just how easy it could be for technology to take over, especially in the field of education. His video shows us that Goggle, along with a few other technology based companies, will merge and merge again with major companies to form the biggest conglomerates ever. Fisch also says that this will actually make the world, not just our state or country, better and come to be closer than ever.

As I said in my first posting about Fisch's "Did you know" video, I believe that someday technology will run the world. However, I am not so sure if I am comfortable with this concept or not.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I read "Longmont man held after high-speed chase" by The Denver Post in The Denver Post. This article is about a 28 year old man who lives in Longmont that is facing charges after a high speed chase this morning at 2:30 am. Reports say that Christopher Rivera Jr. ran over road spikes and crashed his jeep before he was taken into custody. Police said that in 2001 Rivera was charged with vehicular assault and drunken driving. He has already served four years of supervised probation, and faced more than $6,000 in fines and court costs.

This matters to everyone because we don't need crazy people out there driving drunk and doing stupid things. Obviously this guy didn't learn from his "supervised probation". I think that people who make it a habit to drink and drive should be treated more severely. They just don't get it. We need a safer state, cities and neighborhoods.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I read "Bogus fire-safety inspector arrested in Broomfield" by Kieran Nicholson in The Denver Post. This article is about a middle aged man that was collecting money related to bogus fire safety inspections. Richard La Croix is the man that was making money by impersonating a fireman. The victim told the police that he was wearing clothing that made him look like he was a fireman.

This matters to everyone because from an early age, we are all taught that firemen are here to help and protect us. If we can't trust firemen, policemen, doctors, teachers, and people that are supposed to protect and look after the public no matter what, who are we supposed to trust?

Sunday, September 20, 2009


In the Youtube video, "A Vision of Students Today" by Dr. Wesch, he continues to show that technology is a big part of our everyday lives. However, compared to Fisch's video "Did You Know", where technology makes everything better and Wesch's first video "The Machines Are Using Us", where technology has become more convenient and accessible, this video shows us that technology is getting in the way. Wesch is now showing us that technology has become a distraction, has taken the human element out of teaching and has made getting an education incredibly expensive.

Students are spending more time reading e-mails and facebook than they are reading a textbook. When they do read a textbook they can read it on-line instead of buying the book. Wesch also shows that the need to have a teacher in the classroom is not necessary either. Everything can be put on-line. Teachers need to go back to being more creative and interactive with their students. The cost of technology used in education is making it harder for some kids to continue on into college.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I read "Dog alerts family to blaze that gutted Greeley home" by Kieran Nicholson in The Denver Post this afternoon. The article is about a dog that helps rescue a mom and her two children from a fire in their home this morning. If it weren't for the actions of the family dog they may have not all gotten out. This matters to me because I also have a dog. Not only do dogs provide us with companionship, compassion and just plain fun, they also protect us. Dogs are important to the world because we have fire dogs that help people get out of dangerous situations, police dogs/bomb dogs help with smelling out bombs and drugs, and dogs that help the blind/disabled. Dogs truly are man's best friend!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I read the article "Forum gathers info about possible Jeffco school cutbacks" by Annette Espinoza in The Denver Post. Jefferson County schools are holding public forums to discuss how to cut $40 million dollars of their budget over the next three years. With 154 schools in the district they are going to look at which ones are the most inefficient, enrollment numbers and academic scores. After their first meeting they will be meeting again later this year to continue the discussion.

This doesn't matter to me as a student because our school is a Littleton school and not a Jeffco school. Why this does matter to me is because my Dad is a teacher in Jefferson County. When they start talking about cutting this much money teachers are afraid that it could effect their salary. Their salaries could be frozen for several years or even cut. My Mom doesn't have a job right now and if my Dad's salary gets frozen or cut it would effect my family greatly. Hopefully my Dad's school and his paycheck don't get effected.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


In the article "The New Literacy" by Clive Thompson what matters is that technology is actually helping with our writing abilities. Because writing is part of our everyday lives people are writing now more than ever. It's not a structured essay form of writing but more of a free form that includes texting, twittering, blogging etc.

In the video "Did You Know" by Karl Fisch he helps us realize that technology makes anything that it is involved in better. This can be anything from brushing our teeth to sending people into space. Fisch agrees with Thompson that technology is making our lives exceptional in many ways.

In the Youtube video, "The Machines Are Using Us" by Dr. Wesch we see that writing is much easier than it used to be. Wesch is also in agreement with Thompson about how technology is our new writing utensil.

All three of these examples are dealing with technology and how it is changing our daily routines. They all cover different areas but have the same message.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


In the Youtube video, "The Machines Are Using Us" by Dr. Wesch I think what matters is how computers are changing our "writing". Everybody's thoughts are put on the computer and they are easily changed, corrected, published, and shared because of this technology of the computer. Writing does not exists anymore the way it used to. You may as well throw away the pencils and paper. With the computer you can move and edit text quickly. Form and content can be separated. The computer checks your spelling and your grammar. There are different kinds of text's, digital text and hyper text.

Your thoughts are still yours but once they are published or posted now they become everybody's. The computer has made it possible for us to forge links and bonds with people throughout the world. If you have an idea or thoughts they can instantly become part of a global forum with a push of a button.

I said it before computers and machines are going to take over the world. Get ready for Terminator 5. Where is Arnold Schwarzenegger when you need him.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I read the Nata Village blog that is posted by natavillage. Their blog is about how people come into their village to educate them on health issues. They are tested and educated at the same time for HIV/Aids. Many people in this village are dying because of HIV and Aids. They are told about the disease and how to prevent it. Many kids are orphans because their parents are dying.

They hold soccer tournaments with as many as seven teams participating. Tebelopele is the group that helped put on the tournament/education. More than one thousand people came out to watch. All these people are being tested and educated while they are there at the tournament. This is actually a fund raiser and a way to get lots of people to come to one place. They are also told about Tuberculosis and simple things like brushing their teeth.

Women in the Nata Village are also making jewelry out of magazines. This helps with their trash problem and also brings money to the village. They are currently clearing land to build a new Secondary school.

What matters about this is that many kids and adults are dying in this village from HIV/Aids. There are many other people around the world that are trying to help them understand what the diseases are and how to prevent them. People are also helping them find ways to make money, like the jewelry making. When people go to the village they also bring clothes and other items for the needy and the orphans.