Sunday, September 20, 2009


In the Youtube video, "A Vision of Students Today" by Dr. Wesch, he continues to show that technology is a big part of our everyday lives. However, compared to Fisch's video "Did You Know", where technology makes everything better and Wesch's first video "The Machines Are Using Us", where technology has become more convenient and accessible, this video shows us that technology is getting in the way. Wesch is now showing us that technology has become a distraction, has taken the human element out of teaching and has made getting an education incredibly expensive.

Students are spending more time reading e-mails and facebook than they are reading a textbook. When they do read a textbook they can read it on-line instead of buying the book. Wesch also shows that the need to have a teacher in the classroom is not necessary either. Everything can be put on-line. Teachers need to go back to being more creative and interactive with their students. The cost of technology used in education is making it harder for some kids to continue on into college.

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