Sunday, September 13, 2009


I read the article "Forum gathers info about possible Jeffco school cutbacks" by Annette Espinoza in The Denver Post. Jefferson County schools are holding public forums to discuss how to cut $40 million dollars of their budget over the next three years. With 154 schools in the district they are going to look at which ones are the most inefficient, enrollment numbers and academic scores. After their first meeting they will be meeting again later this year to continue the discussion.

This doesn't matter to me as a student because our school is a Littleton school and not a Jeffco school. Why this does matter to me is because my Dad is a teacher in Jefferson County. When they start talking about cutting this much money teachers are afraid that it could effect their salary. Their salaries could be frozen for several years or even cut. My Mom doesn't have a job right now and if my Dad's salary gets frozen or cut it would effect my family greatly. Hopefully my Dad's school and his paycheck don't get effected.

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