Sunday, September 6, 2009


In the Youtube video, "The Machines Are Using Us" by Dr. Wesch I think what matters is how computers are changing our "writing". Everybody's thoughts are put on the computer and they are easily changed, corrected, published, and shared because of this technology of the computer. Writing does not exists anymore the way it used to. You may as well throw away the pencils and paper. With the computer you can move and edit text quickly. Form and content can be separated. The computer checks your spelling and your grammar. There are different kinds of text's, digital text and hyper text.

Your thoughts are still yours but once they are published or posted now they become everybody's. The computer has made it possible for us to forge links and bonds with people throughout the world. If you have an idea or thoughts they can instantly become part of a global forum with a push of a button.

I said it before computers and machines are going to take over the world. Get ready for Terminator 5. Where is Arnold Schwarzenegger when you need him.

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