Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I just read the article "Morning commuters in Denver should brace for snow" by Kieran Nicholson in The Denver Post. The National Weather Service says that the snow storm is supposed to come in tonight and last until Thursday night. The Front Range from Fort Collins to Castle Rock could see up to 14 inches total with some mountain areas getting up to 2 feet. The snow is supposed to be wet and heavy which could make driving difficult.

This obviously doesn't matter to the world. It does matter to our state because we need the snow for the ski industry. People see/hear that Colorado is getting hit by a big snow storm and it makes them think about coming here to ski. This is a good thing for our mountain towns. This also matters to people along the Front Range. The difference is in the Metro area, it is dangerous and frustrating. Heavy wet snow means bad driving conditions and the possibility of many broken tree branches.

This matters to education BIG time. A big snow storm could mean that school has to close early and possibly for an entire day. This matters to me because I don't live close to Arapahoe and the driving conditions could make it difficult for me to get to school. This also matters to me because the varsity soccer team is suppose to play its first playoff game tomorrow at 5:30 p.m. Let's hope that they're wrong again!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Yeah snow just makes driving conditions ridiculous. I'm from Saskatchewan, Canada, and we get a lot of snow as well. Not fun at all. (I hope it doesn't come for your soccer game's sake!).