Tuesday, October 20, 2009


For this PLN post I decided to go across the pond for some news in the world of football, that's soccer to us. Today featured many games in the Champions League play-offs all over Europe. There were some shocking scores so I thought I would see what the BBC had to say about one game in particular.

Today I read an article from the BBC Sport titled "Liverpool 1-2 Lyon" written by Phil McNulty, the Chief football writer at Anfield. Obviously this article is about the Champions League match up of Liverpool (England) vs. Lyon (France). This was a huge game for Liverpool because their manager is on the hot seat right now with 3 losses in a row. The article sums up the game well for both sides stating that both teams had played well and each had several chances to put the game away. The most interesting thing is that the Liverpool coach, Rafael Benitez, decided to make a controversial substitution after already having subbed his injured captain, Steven Gerrard. With 5 minutes remaining in regulation play Benitez subbed his only goal scorer, Yossi Benayoun with Andriy Voronin, a realtively unknown player. Lyon ends up scoring the go-ahead, game winning goal in the 90th minute. Losing this game puts Liverpool's ambitions of winning the Champions League in great jeopardy. Rafael Benitez was booed and showed much disrespect today on his home field by his own fans. Having now lost 4 matches in a row Benitez faces an up hill climb as his side now faces the BPL champions, Manchester United in league play this coming Sunday. Many analysts believe that Benitez will be fired if things don't turn around soon!

Obviously this match does not matter much to people in many countries, especially ours. However, to many others, mostly in Europe, this game will be talked about for weeks to come in the footballing world. It matters to me because I am a HUGE football fan and I watch as many matches from England and Europe as I can. Soccer in Europe is like a cult, and it is very addicting and much better than anything the US has right now. This also matters to me because my uncle's favorite team is Liverpool and I can't stand them. Now I have some good ammunition to give him a hard time about the next time I talk to him! COME ON YOU REDS!!

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  1. Hahah this one made me laugh near the end when you mentioned your uncle! I don't follow this kind of football very much, but I have two friends that do. Do you play soccer yourself? How long have you been following it?