Tuesday, November 17, 2009


In the article "Action needed' on Internet bullying" by Jim Reed in the BBC News, he states that teenagers need to be more responsible with the use of the Internet and companies need to act quicker when inappropriate material is posted. Young people need to understand that the consequences of bullying over the Internet are no different then doing it in person. Of the approximately 3,000 student that were surveyed nearly two thirds of them said they were bullied at some point in time over their cell phone or computer. Tim, a thirteen year old who was interviewed, says that it is easier for people to bully on-line because they are not looking at the person face to face. Bethan, a friend a Tim's, believes that some people when they get in front of a computer turn into a totally different person. They say whatever they want and don't have to feel guilty about it.

This matters to the world because as long as this kind of technology is available for anyone to use, it is going to be misused. It matters to education because people need to be taught on how to use a computer appropriately. I feel that because of Mrs. Smith's English class, I have become more aware of problems or issues surrounding computer usage. Companies need to be more on top of this problem and take action if they can before it becomes a bigger problem.


  1. I agree with you. Some people turn into completely different people. When you say, "people need to be taught on how to use a computer appropriately", do you think that will help? Or as you said, do you think people will continue to misuse the technology?

  2. I think computers can be very beneficial to society, but only as long as the user is mature enough to be responsible. Can you think of any ways to try to stop bullying online? It would be a really hard task. Restating Dan's question. Do you think that if a person is taught how to properly use a computer, that they will do so? Or will bullying still continue? Personally, I think the issue is more so on bullying, and less so to do with technology.