Sunday, November 15, 2009


In the article "Passengers on plane that hit birds expected in Denver Today" by The Denver Post, it explains that a Frontier plane that was taking off from Kansas City hit a flock of birds and damaged a engine which resulted in them immediately returning to the airport. There were 120 passengers on the plane and there were no injuries involved in this incident.

Obviously this doesn't matter to education in the least. However this matters to the world and to me. This matters to anywhere in the world where there is an airport. Birds represent a very serious problem when it comes to airplanes. They fly or get sucked into the jet engines and endanger everyone on board. Airports spend hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly to make sure this doesn't happen. They hire people who specifically take care of flocks of birds near airport land. This matters to me because I have been and will continue to fly with my soccer teams. There is enough to worry about when you fly without worrying about hitting the damn birds.

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