Thursday, November 5, 2009


I read a blog, "Back-to-School Night: America's Annual Torture Convention" posted by Gary. In this posting Gary goes into how bad back to school nights have become. The teachers are terrible public speakers and nobody really cares about their gum or notebook policies. He goes on to make fun of different teachers and their personalities. While he sits in each class all he wants to know is how his kid can sit in such an uncomfortable seat for the next 180 days. He gives a few quotes from other parents that are hysterical.

This matters to education because nobody really cares about back to school night. Teachers think it is a complete waste of time now that everything about their class is posted on their own website. I know this is true because my dad is a teacher. Parents don't really care about back to school night either. However, they are afraid that if they don't go they will miss something important. They don't want to feel that they are not supporting their child. I know this is true because my mom told me so. How do you feel about back to school night Mrs. Smith?

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  1. In my old city, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, we never had back to school nights. I've never had the chance to attend one, but I can imagine what they're like. Do you think there are any benefits at all to these nights? Do they fulfill even a little of their purpose?