Sunday, November 8, 2009


I just read "Boulder girl to help orangutans in Borneo" by Magdalena Wegrzyn in the Longmont Times-Call. It's about a girl, Kristen Nordham, who has been donating money to the Orangutan Foundation International since she was in fourth grade. She has adopted an orangutan named Irvine and the only thing keeping her alive is Kristen money. The article states that is costs $75 to adopt an orangutan for a year. Kristen has been donating all of the money that she raises to this orangutan foundation. The entire orangutan population is decreasing greatly. Orangutans are decreasing because of more lowland rain forests are being cut down to make room for palm oil plantations or destroyed by illegal loggers and by forest fires Now there are only an estimated 7,300 orangutans left in the world!

This matters to the world because a lot of species in the world are becoming more and more endangered. Most of them are becoming endangered because of things we are doing, like destroying their habitats. This doesn't matter to education directly, but people need to be aware of things that are going on in the world, not just in their own backyard. This matters to me because as I get older I see more things going on in the world that should be important to people. I wish I had the money to adopt a monkey!

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