Sunday, January 31, 2010


In the article "Arenas, Crittenton suspended for rest of season" by Brian Mahoney of the Washington press, Mahoney states that Gilbert Arenas and one of his teammates have been suspended without pay for the rest of the NBA season for pulling guns on each other while at the Verizon Center. Mahoney says that all of this started on the team airplane while they were playing a card game and has been carried forward to this incident. Arenas, who is currently playing for the Washington Wizards, said that it was wrong and he did not know what he was doing. Commissioner David Stern says that he had to suspend him for the rest of the season because we do not need people, especially professional athletes pulling guns our walking around with guns in the first place.

I am using this in my paper because this little incident shows that Arenas thought he could bring a gun to his place of work and pull it on one of his own teammates and not get caught, which shows that he thinks that he is above the law. Many times the teams don't address some of these situations. In this case, the Wizard's organization has backed the commissioner saying the poor judgment "stands in contrast to everything Abe Pollin stood for throughout his life." Abe Pollin was the Wizard's owner who died last year and is one of the most well-known owners in professional sports history. This is a concern for Arenas because a lot of people, and the Wizard's entire organization, looked up to him as a role model, but when people start hearing about how he treated one of his own teammates, as a joke, he will never be looked up to again.

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