Sunday, January 24, 2010


I just read a blog by Dan Mass on the Littleton Public School website titled "Dr. Warschauer visits East and Hopkins." The question he asks is, are computers a waste of time and money? I am currently a ninth grader attending Arapahoe High School, and in my English class all of us have our own computers we use. I think that computers are not a waste of time or money. If we get computers for elementary schools and middle schools it will keep them ahead of the game because in high school and college, you use computers a lot. You will be writing reports, setting up power points, and doing research. Instead of carrying around heavy text books for every class, you can carry a lap top and access all of your text books will little effort. Computers are the technology of the future and if we do not teach kids to use them correctly, they will fall behind. Computers also gives kids a new way to do things and new ways to explore.

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