Monday, January 18, 2010


My change the world paper is based on my opinion that professional athletes do not deserve to be looked up to because of the way they behave and some of the things they have done/do. One example of this is that athletes think they are above the law. Just last week a huge story was being built up because Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards thought it would be funny to bring guns to work. Instead, another teammate and Arenas got in an argument and they both pulled guns on each other. Professional athletes also do not deserve to be looked up to because of the drug use that is involved. Another incident that just happened last week is that Mark McGwire admitted he used steroids after he denied it for years. My last reason that professional athletes do not deserve to be looked up to is that they have no basic moral values. Again, just recently everyone is talking about Tiger Woods and his 18 plus "girlfriends". This example shows you that even the best golfer in the world and even the best athlete in the world has no respect for women, especially his wife.

This subject matters to the world because a lot of people think that these athletes are or were the best in the world at their sport at some point in time; but when they hear about all of the stupid stuff they do everyone will think about that athlete differently. This matters to education because in school they teach you that drugs are illegal and bad for you, do not mess around with guns, and for a guy, do not ever miss treat or abuse women. This matters to me personally because I look up to one of the best, if not the best goalkeeper in the world. How do I know that he might be doing something stupid in England that I do not know about and will be let down to find out. Kids need to figure out that if they think all professional athletes live a perfect life, they do not.

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