Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In the article "Tale of Tiger's Infidelity More Than Cautionary" by Tonyaa Weathersbee states that Tiger Woods does not like to be called "black". This professional golfer said that it bothers him when people call him black, because he thinks he is more Cablinasian – as in Caucasian-black-Indian-Asian. The writer says that Woods is trying not be a stereotype but ends up being exactly that because he does not think of himself as black and that he likes white women. After Woods crashed his SUV on November 27, suspicion came that not only was he drunk, but was he seeing other women. Only 10 women have been accounted for but not only did he have sex with them, he lost his trust with his wife and with all of the people who look up to him and watch him. Later on in the article they talk to some of the women he was with and they proved that Tiger was cheating by texts, or just by memory.

I am using this in my paper because not only did Tiger cheat once or twice on his wife, he cheated at least ten times and now that number is growing to be almost double. This situation shows that he has no moral values where his marriage is concerned and that people will no longer be able to look up to him as a role model for being a good person. He will be looked at like the guy who was keeping his "private" life private for many more reasons that anyone ever suspected.

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