Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I just read "Report: Ricky Williams violates NFL drug policy" on sports.espn.go.com. This article is about Ricky Williams, a professional football player for the Miami Dolphins, who has just violated the NFL drug policy for the fourth time. Williams was caught breaking the NFL rules for the fourth time testing positive for marijuana use. His mother said she would "bet her life" that he was not smoking weed. She also said that the only reason he would be using marijuana for is because of his yoga school. When Williams returned to the NFL he had to pay the Miami Dolphins $8.6 million for breaching his contract. The article goes on about his contract and his playing career.

Only the information about his drug use is important to me and the research for my Change The World paper. I am using this particular article because it shows that some professional athletes have ongoing drug problems. It also shows that their problems are affecting their jobs and in the long run, their lives. This is just one athlete, but the quotes are perfect for my paper and will work in nicely.

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