Sunday, February 21, 2010

PLN 12

I just read "US school accused of web spying" by By Angela Harrison, a BBC News education reporter and she wrote about how a school in Pennsylvania gave kids laptops that had cameras on them. The cameras could be activated by the school whenever they wanted to so they could actually see what the kids and anyone in the lens of the camera were doing 24/7. A couple from Pennsylvania is filing a lawsuit against the school because one day their kid came home and said that the teacher told him that he was "engaging in improper behavior in his home" and that the evidence was an image from his web cam. The school district says that they only activated the cameras to find lost or stolen lap tops and that the program has since been deactivated.

Obviously this matters to the world because the BBC News is covering it and it covers news from around the whole world! It matters because it seems like the school was looking for something else even though they say they weren't. It also matters because the school was invading all of the kids' personal privacy at home as well as the privacy of anyone even near their computer. This matters to education because some schools are trying hard to promote computers and their use. If we were allowed to take our laptops home and I heard that there were web cams in my computer that the school gave me, I would be very scared to go to school because I would not want a teacher to tell me something that I did in my own house was not "proper". This story kind of creeps me out to think that someone (my teachers) could be spying on me in my own home.

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