Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PLN 11

I just read "Man, dog rescued from Highlands Ranch pond" by Sara Gandy of the 9news about how a man went after his dog after it fell through some ice at Redstone Park. Both the man and the dog had to be rescued by firefighters. They both are fine and no firefighters got injured during the rescue.

I know that this story is short, but it is very important to the people of Highlands Ranch. Redstone Park is near my house and where I used to have soccer practice. I know that this lake is very popular all year round. People fish in it, they play in it, and try to capture frogs in it. A lot of people of all ages, especially younger kids use the park. It is also very popular park where people walk their dogs. Although it is a small lake, people need to remember it is water and that water is dangerous during the winter and in the summer.

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