Monday, March 29, 2010

PLN 19

I just read "Trooper charged with DUI now in treatment" in The Denver Post by Carlos Illescas. The story is about how a State Trooper was pulled over for suspicion of drinking and driving on the job. I first wrote about this in PLN 17 when he actually got pulled over ans arrested in Castle Rock. The State Trooper was charged with driving drunk while on duty and his lawyer said today that his client is in a facility for mental health and substance abuse issues. Today, the attorney, Geoff Heim, made an appearance on behalf of David Dolan, 48, in Douglas County District Court. Dolan was not at the hearing and did not have to be. The judge told Heim his client had $1,000 bond. The other terms include that Dolan cannot drink alcohol or possess a gun while he is out of jail. When he was arrested, Dolan was in his Colorado State Patrol trooper uniform and was carrying a gun. His blood-alcohol content, according to a police report, was 0.194 percent — more than twice the legal limit. Dolan has been charged with driving under the influence and is now prohibited use of a firearm. In Colorado, it is illegal for anyone to have a firearm if they are under the influence. Dolan is on unpaid leave of absence as the state patrol conducts an internal investigation. His next court date is May 7.

Like I said in PLN 17, this matters to the State of Colorado because we do not need people who are suppose to be protecting us breaking the law while they are on duty. I am glad that he has been suspended from his job without pay. I hope that the investigation shows that he is not fit to be a member of the state patrol anymore. Anyone who has a job of protecting the public ie. police, firemen etc. should not be given any "wiggle room" whatsoever where drinking on duty is concerned. If you know what you are doing and are on duty you should lose your job! Enough said!

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